Ice Storm

Northwest Express lift house after an ice storm Check out this photo, taken at Mt. Bachelor yesterday after a freezing rain storm hammered the northwest side of the mountain. This is the lift house at the top of Northwest Express lift! It’s not uncommon to see ice-covered chairs over there but this is ridiculous. It kind of reminds me of Superman’s fortress of solitude. Sounds like it will be a few days before they can crack the ice off the house and the towers to get this thing moving again (apparently Outback is the same story). Between the economy and the wacky weather, the ski resorts (at least here in the NW) must be having a tough season.

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  1. acosta Says:

    damn that’s crazy … in all my years at bachelor i never saw anything quite like that. tried to go up a number of days over break to have bachelor closed down due to wind too … they must be really struggling.

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